About Skidz


In 1987, Rick launched SKIDZ from his apartment in NYC. After wearing his dad’s medical scrubs for years, purely for comfort, he was ready to redesign them for the street. The goal was to create a brand where comfort and style go hand-in-hand while always having fun.


SKIDZ, almost overnight and completely organically, became an iconic brand to 80’s and 90’s fashion and culture. The “slippery when wet” sign quickly became synonymous with SKIDZ. The Fresh Prince, now known as Will Smith and one of the most successful entertainers in the world, wore SKIDZ on the cover of his hit album, And In This Corner…, and also frequently on the show, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Yo! MTV Raps hosts, Doctor Dre and Ed Lover, were also often spotted in SKIDZ. From that point on, SKIDZ became the pant style of choice for celebrities and downtown kids, uptown kids, LA kids, surfers and skaters. The list of celebrities that repped the brand is endless, and we're not here to name drop;-) 

SKIDZ not only pioneered a look, but has been socially and environmentally conscience since day one. SKIDZ uses “spot goods” which helps eliminate material waste and keeps fabric from ending up in landfills or in some cases burned. SKIDZ produces all of its apparel domestically in America with family-owned factories. SKIDZ is about inclusion and has always supported anti-bullying, the LGBTQ+ community, Black and AAPI communities. It has always been our belief that doing what's right is not a trend, but a necessity. 


We've decided it’s time to bring SKIDZ back. In 2019, Rick took a break from a very long fishing trip and has reintroduced SKIDZ to the world. And just like old times, celebrities like Justin Beiber, Lady Gaga and Bad Bunny, have become early supporters of the brand for the very same reasons our original fans did back in the day.

Jacob Collier in the limited edition Skidz collaboration logic session trouser shot by Isak Tiner for New York Times at Room 57 Gallery in New York.

In November 2022, we collaborated with 5 time Grammy Award winner, Jacob Collier, on a limited edition pant. Jacob customized the logic session for "Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire" which became the print for the trouser. The Jacob Collier Logic Session Trouser sold out in 30 hours.

Skidz Zippo collaboration collection

 In February 2023, we launched a collaboration with Zippo Manufacturing. We created a SKIDZ x Zippo pant, hat with a mosaic of Zippo lighters, and an iconic SKIDZ logo Zippo lighter. 


Check in regularly as we continuously introduce new prints, patterns and plaids. We are also working on some more exciting collaborations.


We're back! It's nice to see you again.


 – Rick Fayer